February 21, 2022

Turning around under-performing vineyards

Palacios Vinos de Finca has improved yields and quality by selecting more appropriate grape varieties

Palacios Vinos de Finca, a Spanish producer, showcased wines from all three of its brands – Nivarius, Trus and Proelio – at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022.

Founded in 1999 by Javier Palacios, whose background was in the meat industry, the company has often bought up what are sometimes under-performing vineyards and carried out a detailed analysis of the soil and other conditions to decide on improvements.
Often this has meant selecting a grape variety different to the one the previous owner was growing, which has helped the company achieve better yields and quality.
Between the three brands, production is about 1m bottles a year, much of it from grapes grown in La Rioja. Many vineyards are at high altitude, which means they are ideally located to cope with the effects of climate change.
Around 40% of the production is exported to markets including the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil and Japan.
“We work in about 40 countries right now,” said Borja Larroca, the company’s export director. “Japan is taking a lot of white wines. They’re interested in wine, they love it and they take it by containers.”
With production stable, the company is focused on upgrading facilities and opening wineries to visitors.
“We want to introduce new equipment that can allow us to make better wine,” said Mr Larroca. “We want to invest in tourism. We get calls on a weekly basis from people who want to visit the wineries. When someone from the other side of the world calls you and says, ‘I want to know about these guys,’ that part of the business is very important.”