February 21, 2022

Relaunching international markets: Wine and spirits industry shows the way

The Relance Export Tour 2022 offers wine and spirits makers the support and tools to market their products overseas.

The relaunch plan was presented during a live press conference at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022 by Franck Riester, French Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Vinexposium CEO Rodolphe Lameyse. Minister Riester said: “I’m pleased to meet you here this afternoon for the Relance Export Tour and would like to thank Rodolphe Lameyse and his team for the success of this trade show despite the many challenges. Once again, Paris and the whole of France finds itself at the heart of the wine and spirits industry with results for exports in 2021 that are beyond what we were expecting. In this way, the wine and spirits industry is showing other sectors the way when it comes to the international market.” He commended the country’s wine and spirits makers for their “quality” and “audacity” after exports grew 27% in 2020 and 11% in 2021. The government, he says, is working hard to make the lives of French producers easier by promoting the wine and spirits industry, cutting red tape and reducing tariffs. He explained: “Thanks to plans like Relance Export even small vineyards are able to have a presence on international markets with digital exposure of their products.” Echoing the minister’s enthusiasm on the success of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, Mr Lameyse said: “This trade show is the primary platform in France for the export of wines and spirits. We have 2864 exhibitors and all of the country’s wine regions are represented. And we’ve put them face-to-face with the same quality of buyers as in 2020.”

Photo: © Christophe Beauregard