February 4, 2022

New Bordeaux distillery presents its first batch of whiskey and ‘watch this space’

The Two Origins Distillery, which was recently installed in the chais – or storeroom, at château Magdeleine Bouhou, has produced its first batch of whiskey, which will be exclusively presented at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022.

It’s the brainchild of experienced wine maker Andrew Eakin, who came up with the idea after purchasing the château last January and realising some of its storage was not being used. The wine maker, of Irish origin, also owns the renowned château Puynard, located just 5km away in the Bordeaux region of Blaye, where he has been making wine since 2016. Building on his winemaking experience, Mr Eakin decided to launch a micro-distillery, one of the first in the region, and start experimenting with a wide range of tipples. The distillery now boasts over 30 barrels, including tokay, rhum, sauternes, Margaux and Cognac, and has celebrated its first batch of whiskey, which will be presented at this year’s event. But there is plenty more ‘where that came from’, as the château new addition is already working on a new Gin and has planted more than 100 fruit trees. Both Mr Eakin’s vineyards share a similar philosophy, focusing on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, two grapes which capture the geography and geology of Bordeaux’s right bank – clay and limestone. They produce a wide range of cuvées – Blanc de Noir, on small parcels of land of around 12 hectares using traditional blends with no added sulphides, and a wide range of containers, including cement, stainless steel, barrels, tons and last but not least jars. Going forward, Mr Eakin is looking to build an ecosystem around the production of wine and spirits, having opened lodges at both locations.

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