February 14, 2022

Maison A. De Luze, a modern story for more than 200 years of savoir-faire

Directeur général, Xavier Migeot, talks about the brand’s modern approach to storytelling

The négociant’s new image, being presented at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, is designed to reflects Bordeaux’s organic transition.

You recently announced your new strategy and image. Tell us more
It’s not a new strategy, but simply a different way of telling the story of a pioneering company which has been at the heart of the wine industry since 1820. Keeping with the values of our founder the Baron Alfred de Luze, we aim to reach the greatest number of people, so they can discover the riches of our terroir. We are a ‘négociant généraliste’, guaranteeing  the distribution of Grands Crus Classés, famous wines, Petit Châteaux distributions, both still and sparkling. We offer our clients a range of traditional products from France and Europe, production services in both bottles and boxes, storage in our chais, GCC or Tiré bouché, as well as supporting them with preparing orders and logistics.

What are the main highlights you are showcasing at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022?
We are launching our new corporate identity, which is more modern, while drawing on our long history of working in the wine trade. A surety signature – Maison A. De Luze, will be standardised across distribution networks, both small and large, with exclusive ranges for each one. We will also be presenting the ‘new look’ of our major Bordeaux brands, including the Baron De Luze for the Horeca and Heritage De Luze for the European GD.

How do you see the Bordeaux wines positioning on the global market?
Thanks to its reputation, Bordeaux is one of the strongest ‘collective brands’ in the beverage industry today. Because of this unique position, people around the world want to see these wines distributed through Bordeaux’s very own merchant network. Bordeaux and all those involved have started questioning their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental footprint, starting with the organoleptic style of their products’ production and blending. It is the first ‘vignoble’ to receive level 3 Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) certification and planning on converting to organic in the next few years. The Maison A. De Luze revamp reflects this dynamic and crucial transition, which the whole wine industry is experiencing. It offers the right wine, at the right place, at the right time.

How important is an international trade show like Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris?
It was the last trade show before the global pandemic and is now the first to return in 2022. The beauty of our product – wine, must be seen and tasted to fully appreciate its story, terroir and the efforts of its merchants. The digital world, no matter how effective, has not been able to  fully replace face-to-face contact between producers, merchants and distributors. That’s why we’ve specifically chosen this moment to reinvent ourselves, tell our story and express our steadfast desire to develop durable partnerships with our clients.

Hall 3 / Stand BC-92