February 8, 2022

Madeira Vinters Make Award-Winning Wine with a Feminine Touch

Madeira Vinters was founded just under ten years ago, yet the progressive brand has already built a name for itself by making award-winning wine with a feminine touch. The exciting company is showcasing a range of new releases at this year’s Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris.

Founded in 2012, Madeira Vinters is the most recent producer of Madeira wine on the market. That said, the company has already reached several noteworthy milestones. After launching its first wines in 2016, the company honoured Women’s Day in 2018 with its first five-year-old Madeira wine. Soon after, the company’s five-year-old Malvasia won the Vinos De Licor/Encabezados Prize at the Vino y Mujer 2019 awards. The progress did not stop in 2021, with the anticipated launch of a one-year-old Boal and Tinta Negra single harvest from 2012.

Madeira Vinters is not just known for its award-winning products, but also for its progressive company operations and importance to the region of Madeira. Founding the company was made possible thanks to the Agricultural Cooperative of Funchal (CAF), as a project dedicated to farmers in Madeira. There is a distinct focus on the women of Madeira, from the farmers who source the ingredients to the supply chain to the administrative decisions at the top.

The all-female team specialises in Madeira wine with a lower alcohol content (17%). “The innovation comes from the team behind the project – which is exclusively women”, CEO Suzanne Pedro claims. “There is also a lower amount of alcohol. The grapes are selected by hand and different varieties grown on the Porto Santo island are incorporated”.

With the aforementioned releases set for this year, Madeira Vinters looks to go from strength to strength, attracting women from around the world to help grow this organic regional project.

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