February 8, 2022

Konrat, four hedonist cuvées of Champagne

Champagne Konrat to present four delicately balanced and hedonist vintages at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris

It is on the heights of the village of Montigny-sous-Châtillon, in the heart of the Champagne region, that Faustine and Marc have brought the gestures and secrets of their ancestors back to life – after 50 years of dormancy.
Both ancestors of this winegrower’s family, located in the Champagne hillsides and along the banks of the Loire, would be proud to see their grandson and great-grandson perpetuate their traditions of excellence with audacity.
At every stage, from the perfect grape to the bottling, the couple look for elegance and finesse to create gourmet cuvees. “Champagne accompanies all of life’s great pleasures. Our creations are not conventional in order to arouse the most beautiful emotions”, they explain.
The selection of sandy plots, the vinification in oak barrels according to the lunar calendar and from this harvest in amphorae participate in the birth of these authentic and charismatic Champagnes, created for ageing. “Wine is a living product. We accompany it in a natural way with love”, they say.
Respect for the environment and biodiversity guide the philosophy of their exclusive production of a few thousand bottles. “Only the palate and the soul recognise the passion of a handcrafted terroir. This is why we produce in very small quantities, as a family and alongside the best local craftsmen – coopers, cork makers, printers…”
This year, four vintages will leave their vaulted cellar: Collection IIème édition, a delicately wooded brut with no vintage year which is the brand signature. Rosé, an ode to hedonism. Blanc de noirs, an extra-brut with a masculine stature. And Velours, a tribute to the very first Champagnes.

Hall 3 / Stand H-241

Photo: © Claudine Grin