February 14, 2022

How the industry adapts to the new world will be key

Journalist Richard Siddle, co-founder of www.The-Buyer.net, has 15 years’ experience of covering the wine and spirits sectors. He has told us about the goals of his visit to Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022 and what he sees as the issues facing the wine industry during a time of profound change.

What are you looking for at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022?
The opportunity to get back to seeing key players in the industry face to face, and the chance as a journalist to talk to producers and buyers from around the world to get their take on the key issues facing them. This allows to really assess the major trends that are influencing and driving the global wine industry, and it is really great to see key contacts again.

What are the key wine/spirits trends you are following?
The global supply chain issues continue to dominate and dictate how the industry operates, coupled with the major sourcing issues following short and poor harvests in key wine-producing countries in 2021. From a trading point of view, how the traditional on and off-trades compete against the huge rise in online is going to be fascinating, particularly the emergence of on-demand grocery apps that can supply wine to our doors in less than 10 minutes. Digital marketing and how the wine industry adapts and takes advantage of new smart technologies, voice search, and the rise of the metaverse will all be key.

What are the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities?
The biggest challenges and opportunities are linked to the industry’s ability to move fast and to be flexible enough to cope with supply chain, trading and tariff issues on the one hand, and the huge growth opportunities that digital and online now offer. How it faces up to the climate change emergency will dictate the agenda for years to come.