February 21, 2022

From Picasso to climate change, Bordeaux Wine Week promises to deliver

Vinexposium’s two events, the Symposium and WOW! Meetings, will shine a light on the industry’s 10-year plan and drive business.

The Bordeaux Wine Week, taking place between 16 and 26 June 2022, was presented during a press conference at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022, attended by the Mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic and Vinexposium’s CEO Rodolphe Lameyse. Mayor Hurmic applauded the event, saying: “The specific message that I would like to get across, and which I have been repeating since the beginning of my mandate, is that the city of Bordeaux depends heavily on the Bordeaux Wine Week to highlight its wine industry and put forward its organic production efforts.” In honour of the Wine Week, the Cité du Vin is hosting an exhibition of works by the world-renowned painter Pablo Picasso titled “Picasso, the effervescence of shapes” from 1 April.

The Bordeaux Wine Week has been divided into four sections, starting with a weekend dedicated to Bordeaux’s Grand Crus, followed by the Symposium “Act for Change” on the 20 and 21 June, where a number of round-table conferences will explore what the wine industry will look like in 2030. Mr Lameyse stressed this “collective endeavour” will explore key topics over the two days including the desirable taste of future wines, climate change and new modes of distribution. He said: “Our industry is undergoing radical change because of the distance it has had to cover in terms of digitalisation, the direct impact of climate change, forces of globalisation and because it is sometimes taken hostage in geopolitical conflicts.” The debates will be followed by two days of business meetings dedicated to certified wines, dubbed the WOW! Meetings, involving between 200 and 250 producers and merchants. Unlike at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022, these business meetings will be scheduled in advanced. Last but not least, the wine week will close with the Bordeaux Wine Festival, with entertainment taking place along the banks of La Garonne.

Photo: Christophe Beauregard – Vinexposium