February 15, 2022

EthicDrinks places the environment at the heart of its winemaking

The young and vibrant start-up founded by Mickaël et Camille Alborghetti showcases its green credentials through its organic wine range at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022

The Zero Carbon certified company uses environmentally friendly processes to produce and distribute its bottles, most of which costs less than 10 euros. To ensure they are above and beyond organic and truly environmentally sound, EthicDrinks has been working with research and development companies to ensure their packaging is made from natural and plastic-free materials. The company also favours the most ecological means of transport possible, delivery bikes, and is working hard to soften its own carbon footprint by taking steps such as using lightweight recycled glass bottles. It is one of the first to place environmental principles at the heart of the wine-making process, and hopes that it will encourage others to follow suit. Earlier this year, the company was awarded a prize for its green packaging by Adelphe, a government-affiliated body responsible for overseeing industrial recycling and waste disposal. EthicDrinks’ environmental campaign is clearly communicated in their mission statement: “Making the wine industry more environmentally respectful for both the planet and consumers.”

Only sustainable and certified products make it to market

The Bordeaux-based startup collaborates closely with sustainable winemakers across France to select and blend different varieties of grape and produce smooth, subtle and fruity ethical wines. Only organic, biodynamic wines or those that have been environmentally certified make it onto EthicDrinks’ books and into their blends. The company has around 20 wine brands, many of which are designed to raise awareness about environmental issues or encourage consumers to take action. Wines from their Act for Good range, for example, come with a personalised QR code which allows consumers to plant a tree for each bottle they purchase. The Don’t Break My Ice range has an ‘unconventional’ label showing a seal drinking wine on a melting iceberg to help raise awareness about the irreversible effects of global warming.

Taking action to protect the environment

EthicDrinks’ has partnered with a number of leading international organisations, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), One Percent for The Planet and Surfrider to help preserve the planet’s nature and biodiversity. In honour of their commitment, the company has produced three wines under the banner Biodiversité, including a Sauvignon blanc, Grenache Rosé and Merlot. All three are available to purchase in over 700 locations from one of France’s major retail chains, Monoprix. Another range has been named Planète vivante, meaning ‘living planet’, in reference to the WWF’s Living Planet Report which provides science-based analysis on the planet’s health and human activity. Looking forward, the company will continue to produce affordable organic wine and promote sustainable winemaking techniques across the sector.

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