February 8, 2022

Domaine BID’GI : producing quality wines through traditional and organic methods

Domaine BID’GI is a 100-year old family estate located in the Loire Valley near Nantes. It is turning increasingly to organic Muscadet Sèvre et Maine and Melon de Bourgogne.

The current winemakers, Daniel Bideau and Marie-Béatrice Giraud, took over from their parents in 1984 and have continued the two vineyards (Domaine du Vieux Chai and Château Haute Carizière) by creating the Domaine BID’GI.

Convinced that wine quality starts in the vineyard, they turned to sustainable agriculture with Terra Vitis and then to organic farming. Their philosophy is the strength of the land through the development of Melon de Bourgogne grape varieties and by consolidating the designation of the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.

Today, the 52 ha estate is cultivated organically to 50m, the rest being in Terra Vitis (sustainable agriculture). Domaine BID’GI produces mainly Muscadet Sèvre et Maine and dry white wines from Pinot Gris and Colombard grapes. Wines are vinified “sur Lie”, a specific Nantes method which consists of letting the Muscadet rest on its fermentation deposit all winter without racking or filtration.

Daniel Bideau and Marie-Béatrice Giraud have many new projects in mind. As they are due to take over the entire Domaine in January 2023, this year will be important to prepare the handover.
The focus is already set:

  • to develop the environmental approach by increasing the proportion of organic vines and moving towards biodynamics – this will be completed with an environmental and educational trail
  • to reintegrate the horse-work of the soil for some vines (vintage, old vines…)
  • the construction of a new eco-responsible cellar
  • sharing the Muscadet designation’s experience with young Nantes winegrowers
  • developping short circuits
  • rejuvenating the domaine through social networks and partnerships with start-ups such as Ankorstore or Ekhi
Hall 6 / Stand CD-188