February 14, 2022

A vintage label to attract new wine drinkers overseas

Domaine De Cabasse, located in the picturesque village of Seguret, is putting forward two of its cuvées, Marguerite and Jucunditas – Latin for the joy of life. Winemaker and owner Benoit Baudry says: “It’s fantastic to be able to see people face-to-face once again. Wine without people makes no sense, so we’re really happy to be here.” 
Marguerite, made mostly of black Grenache, is made for the export market, with a vintage-looking label designed to seduce people who do not regularly drink wine. In contrast, Jucunditas is more complex and is better suited to ‘connaisseurs’, with more tannins and a stronger fruity taste.
The domaine is expanding to 37 hectares of vines in the hope of reaching a bigger market with an IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée).

Hall 4 / Stand AB-124