Seen @ Vinexpo

For this Review Edition of Vinexpo Daily, we took a quick tour of some of the stands at the show to ask what the exhibitors thought of the first edition of Vinexpo Paris…

Nino Mchedlishvili, Marketing Manager, National Wine Agency, Georgia


“There were many visitors from different kinds of companies. We had eight Georgian vineyards here and they liked the expo. The visitors who came here were really interested in the products. The vineyards had negotiations and talked about future cooperation, so the show was useful for the future plans of each of the wineries. It was a nice and comfortable place to have meetings.”

Isabella Antollini, Director, Aurian


“We liked the quality of the visitors, the stand and the organisation. The space in Be Spirits was nicely designed and it was a very good concept. It gave equal area for everyone to showcase their products without any particular brand having an enormous, lavish stand. Everybody got a bit of the spotlight. This was the first time that we took part in Vinexpo and it was a positive experience. The quality of the visitors was higher than we’ve experienced elsewhere.”

Johann Gendron, Sales Export Manager, Beaumont des Crayères Champagne and Vincent d’Astrée Champagne


“The organisation of the show was good and we made some very good contacts, so it was very positive in that way. It was also positive because we could visit some of our customers as well. Some of them will probably not visit the other shows, but they decided to come to Vinexpo Paris. We had good discussions with them. It reminded me very much of Vinexpo Bordeaux, which is a good thing. Overall it was a good opportunity to review our business.”

Andrew Thomas, International Commercial Manager, Borie Manoux


“The business took part in Vinexpo for the first time last year and found it beneficial, so we wanted to come back this year. It was great to be part of Vinexpo. I think Vinexpo is one of those shows where people are there to do business. I run the UK business and we wanted to be part of it. The show particularly highlighted the French side of the industry. We had a few customers who could come for the day. They could catch the early train here and take the late train back. That was the really positive thing about the Paris show.”

Judith Barat, Communications assistant, Château Fonroque


“The WOW! (World of Organic Wines) area was a good idea – a place to gather all of the organic and biodynamic estates together. People were quite happy because they knew what they would get when they came to the WOW! area. We made some good contacts at the show this year. We had some buyers and some retailers speaking to us and the quality of the contacts that we had this year was good.”


“For me the concept of the WOW! (World of Organic Wines) area was a good thing. It was professional and for a small winemaker, it was an easy and familiar atmosphere. We’re trying to have a new system of distribution, so for me this show was a good solution. We had good contacts with agents and buyers. The quality of the people who came her was high – there were retailers, big companies and the press. A large number of journalists came and spoke to me after seeing me in the Vinexpo Daily.”


“This was our first experience here. For many years we didn’t participate in any professional shows. We decided to exhibit at Vinexpo because a lot of our customers and contacts were coming to visit. Our contact at the show organisers, each time we had any issue, she provided me with answers. We were surprised at the number of people coming to us and asking questions, people who were very curious and wanted to know what we did. The Be Spirits area was a good idea.”


“This was our first show. We are a new distillery in Quebec. We launched a year ago and we’ve only been in Canada until now, but we want to expand. We have a maple whiskey that caters to Europeans. Everybody really liked it at the show and it was a surprise for them. It’s a new type of whiskey. People are used to Scotch and American whiskey, but there are not too many Canadian whiskies. We made good contacts and the number of buyers at the show was high. Overall it was a great experience.”