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Terre de vins has grown a great deal in 10 years, with turnover increasing tenfold. We asked Managing Director Rodolphe Wartel to tell us more. 

Terre de vins is today credited with 300,000 readers for the magazine and 150,000 unique visitors on It has become a 360° medium, revealing content and producing events.
My role is to drive these developments, accelerate them and maintain double-digit growth every year.

What were you looking for at Vinexpo?
We were seeking to meet all the French operators who have ideas, who innovate, carry projects and want to make it known.

What are the trends in the French market?
The decline in wine consumption in France, the decline in red wines and the decline in Bordeaux. The Trump tax, Brexit but also coronavirus are so many clouds that accumulate and make us think that French vineyards must also win at home, which constitutes for many of them 50-80% of sales.

What are the challenges and opportunities for winegrowers in 2020?
The first challenge is to convince the political class that planting vines and producing wine is not a crime but is part of a virtuous land development, carrying values and jobs. The other will be to modernise the image of wine.

Photo: Rodolphe Wartel, Managing Director, Terre de vins