Putting some sparkle into the lives of female drinkers

The pink sparkling vodka liqueur Nuvo chose Vinexpo Paris as its first European show. 

A drink targeted at women and billed as the world’s first sparkling liqueur used Vinexpo Paris as the platform for an ambitious sales drive.

Nuvo L’Esprit de Paris, created by the American entrepreneur Raphael Yakoby, has been available in the United States since 2006 and is now entering European markets.

Pink in colour and presented in a distinctive square bottle – a novelty for a sparkling drink – it is made of 95 percent premium French vodka, five percent French sparkling wine and fruit nectar.

“The creator, Raphael Yakoby, his thinking behind this product was that all the brands out there are male-oriented. The packaging, everything is skewed to the male,” said John Vasquez, national brand manager for London Group, the company behind Nuvo.

“Even if it’s a female product, the bottle is still male-oriented. He said, ‘We need something for her.'”

Vasquez said that Nuvo’s modest 15 percent alcohol content tied in with the trend towards lower-alcohol beverages.

He described the brand’s reception at Vinexpo Paris’s Be Spirits section as “excellent”, with interest from across Europe and further afield, including South Korea, China and Japan.

The 700ml bottles needed for the European market will, says Vasquez,  be ready in March so that distribution can start in April.

Yakoby also launched Hpnotiq, a blue liqueur that he reportedly sold for tens of millions of dollars.

Photo: Nuvo, L’Esprit de Paris