Celebrated Italian grappa producer branches out into gin and amaro

Distilleria Bertagnolli is renewing its range to mark 150 years of history in Trentino.

The renowned Italian grappa producer Distilleria Bertagnolli is launching a range of gins and amaros as it revamps its collection to mark 150 years of history.

Gin 1870 and Amaro 1870 celebrate a rich heritage that can be traced back to the marriage of Giulia de Kreutzenberg, a noblewoman of Austrian, and Edoardo Bertagnolli, heir to a pharmaceutical business.

“They founded a vineyard which also became a distillery,” said Anno Boschi, Distilleria Bertagnolli’s marketing and communications executive.

Taking advantage of the popularity of flavoured gins, Gin 1870 will be available in flavours such as raspberry, apricot, cherry, apple and pear.

We have enjoyed asking people to taste them and we’ve had a good response.

Similarly, a range of infusions, such as chamomile and honey, will be offered under the Amaro 1870 brand.

Gin 1870 and Amaro 1870 have both been available for attendees to sample at Vinexpo. “We have enjoyed asking people to taste them and we’ve had a good response. Many people at the fair have appreciated them,” said Boschi. “The packaging is nice. It looks like an old bottle. It is very elegant.”

Distilleria Bertagnolli hopes that its new gin will strike a chord with younger gin enthusiasts who may then go on to discover the company’s other products. The company is also renewing the branding for its wider range to emphasise the company’s long history and to allow products to be better distinguished from one another.

Distilleria Bertagnolli’s signature product is Gran Grappino, produced by the distillation of pomace of the popular indigenous Trentino red grape variety Teroldego. The range also includes the Collezione Gran Riserve, which is presented in elegant premium packaging.

Boschi said that quality, rather than scale, had always been Distilleria Bertagnolli’s hallmark. “It’s not so big; it’s like a diamond in a big mountain,” she said.

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Photo: Amaro 1870 from Distilleria Bertagnolli