A vodka to lose your head for

A revolutionary French spirits company will be showcasing the world’s first caviar-flavoured vodka at Vinexpo’s inaugural Be Spirits section in a bid to prove it is #ACutAboveLeRest.

Launched in Paris just three years ago by Bastille Day chairman Paul Berkmann, Guillotine Vodka combines the best grape marcs of the Aÿ-Champagne region with a commitment to natural production methods and a bold, innovative streak.

Over the past year, the company has netted two major accolades: the Double Gold Medal at the 2019 SIP Awards and the Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Convention 2019.

A total of three vodkas will be presented at Be Spirits: Guillotine Originale Ultra Premium Vodka; Guillotine Heritage Barrel-Aged Vodka and Guillotine x Petrossian, the world’s first caviar-flavoured vodka.

Guillotine Originale Ultra Premium, which won the San Francisco award, is described as “a classic, clear vodka
that is light, smooth, and aromatic, offering notes of citrus with hints of almond and toffee”.

The Heritage edition, which netted the SIP award, is the only French vodka from the Aÿ-Champagne region that is aged in oak barrels. The ageing-process in Limousin oak imparts the vodka’s “unique aromas, increased roundness, and golden amber hue”, while it also boasts “a mid-palate rush that is smooth and clean, with a subtle exclamation of licorice and Szechuan pepper”.

Guillotine x Petrossian is produced in partnership with prestigious caviar producer Petrossian, following years of joint research to devise the world’s first method of distilling caviar in vodka.
The recipe involves 20g of Ossetra Tsar Imperial Petrossian caviar per litre of vodka. The resulting fusion is described as “rare and delightful”.

All Guillotine vodkas are made with pinot and chardonnay grapes from the Ay-Champagne region and slowly distilled at the company’s 100-year-old distillery.

They are vegan and gluten-free, with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, and are bottled in the Isle de France in locally sourced, custom-made glassware.

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Photo: The Guillotine vodka stand at Vinexpo Paris 2020