Erika Spirit

A unique spirits company formed by three friends from south-west France is taking part in Vinexpo Paris.

Erika Spirit, founded in 2018, offers a unique range of gins and vodkas influenced by honey and pollen.

The company will be present in this year’s BE SPIRITS section – the new area dedicated to spirits – in what the friends have described as a “great opportunity” to showcase their spirits from Aquitaine.

The crafts spirits are the product of the combined effort of Paul, a beekeeper, who collects the honey and pollen, Vianney, a chef, and Thibault, a bartender and manager.

A Stupfler still, a small capacity still, is used in the making of the spirits, producing small quantities or “micro batches” at each distillation.

Erika Spirit’s range includes Dry Gin, a powerful gin that has an aroma of honey and spices. There are also influences of tarragon, walnut leaf and sanscho berries.

Old Tom Gin has hints of rosemary, wild roses, tarragon and Acacia honey, while Navy Gin has an especially high alcohol content.

Honey, pollen and elderflowers combine to produce Spring Gin, with harvesting and distillation carried out a few hours apart to maintain the intensity of the aromas.

Erika Spirit also offers Polka Vodka, which has notes of chestnut pollen and what is described as a surprising and original flavour.

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Photo: The Erika Old Tom Gin