The sun never sets for Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris


Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO, Vinexpo

New partnership aims to become the world’s best wine and spirits show

Following the first edition of simultaneous wine shows in Paris, Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO of Vinexpo, and Pascale Ferranti, Director of Wine Paris, look back and share their goals for the future. Here, they tell us about the results of the new alliance in Paris.

When we arrived before the show opened it was quiet. Now we have to raise our voices in order to be heard. This humming in the background was the first sign of how well the shows have been doing, and the hum rises during the day. Then it’s also about the conversations we overheard in the corridors.

What is important is that this background hum isn’t only in French but is also often in English. It’s a real indicator of the international nature of our shows and how well the US and British markets are represented.

Of course, the French market is also well represented – we are in Paris after all – and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to taste the latest vintages and start commercial negotiations.

The Masterclasses and Winetalks are all full and we had a very rich programme for both Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris, with a pre show selection of buyers for each. Everyone found what they came to the shows for.

Be Spirits is our baby, it will continue to grow and eventually be on its own. We are really proud of this success.
Rodolphe Lameyse

This is a great way to show the unity of the wine sector, to offer the best selection and the greatest range of choice for buyers.

What are some the successes this year?
We succeeded in arranging things with visitors entering by wine region and this works very well. We also launched two new concepts which were risky bets, L’ Avenue and Be Spirits. Both have been successful, with brands that are already planning to be back.

The launch of the Be Spirits zone was a decision to really cut from our traditional offering, to create a new atmosphere with different buyers. We will continue to be an incubator for Be Spirits, but within a few years Be Spirits will be a standalone show.

This was a showcase for both shows with over 2,800 exhibitors and we are very happy with the feedback we received.
Pascale Ferranti

We always attracted a strong international presence. Buyers flowed  easily across Vinexpo and Wine Paris.

In this changing international environment, everyone felt the benefit of being here to show a united front and to have a large offering to international buyers.

What are your goals for next year?
Our keyword for 2021 is to work on the harmony between wine regions and brands. We will grow and keep this goal of balance between both.

We also want to guarantee the high calibre of trade visitors, which leads to wine tastings and commercial talks with the producers.

Finally, we want to open up even more to international buyers, because international buyers come if there is a complete offering. Of course there is no doubt that we have a complete French offering, but the x-factor is really being able to also have spirits, organic and international wines.

Within two years we are looking to bring real change to the wine show market.

What is the strategic vision for Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris?
We have the same strategic vision. We have to push our strategic advantages. In France we have the most beautiful wine regions and the best gastronomy, so we will be joining both worlds.

Paris is a true factor in our success. The city allows buyers to discover the rich culture and culinary greatness of this city. This is a true differentiating factor compared to other shows.

Photo: Pascale Ferranti, Director, Wine Paris


Be Spirits, the area dedicated to spirits in Vinexpo Paris, will be its own standalone show within the next couple of years. Be Spirits is a true reflection of the trend for premium and craft, and it allows visitors to try Europe’s greatest mixologists’ new recipes.

Following the sun

Just like the old British Empire, the sun never sets on the Vinexpo and Wine Paris partnership, with its extensive network of offices around the world. This international strength allows local producers to meet buyers, and to find new distribution channels in new markets.

Be Spirits at Vinexpo Paris 2020