Sustainability is key for the wine industry

Jacopo Mazzeo, News Editor for Imbibe,  has a long-held passion for beer and wine. Here, he discusses environmental concerns and describes how changing consumer behaviour is affecting the UK’s drinks industry.

I am the News Editor of Imbibe magazine UK, whose focus is the UK on-trade drinks industry. I select what stories we run on our website on a daily basis, write and edit most of the beer and wine content for the website and magazine.

What are you looking for at Vinexpo?
I’m looking to connect with producers, to get an insight into global drinks trends and to understand what’s happening outside the UK. I’m also interested in the new Be Spirits section.

What are they key wine/spirits trends in your market?
The key trend in the UK is sustainability, which transcends all sectors of the drinks industry: from reducing water usage in the vineyard, to lighter or plastic-free packaging in beer, to reducing wastage in cocktail-making.

What are the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities?
Consumers are developing a growing interest in the wines of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus, with regions such as Greece and southern Italy at the top.

In cocktail-making, homemade ingredients are big, together with pre-batching. In terms of spirits, watch out for characterful vodkas and premium spiced rums.

With people drinking more at home, this is the main challenge for on-trade premises which are experiencing a significant decrease in footfall.

Photo: Jacopo Mazzeo, News Editor, Imbibe