Fanny Fougerat’s cognacs reflect deep family tradition

The fourth-generation winemaker and distiller offers a growing range of signature cognacs, each with its own style.

Fanny Fougerat has made quite an impact with her own range of cognacs since launching her brand several years ago – and there are new cognacs on the horizon.

Taking the deep knowledge that comes with family tradition, Fanny Fougerat Cognac D’Auteur produces a string of signature – not blended – cognacs, each having its own style.

Visitors to Vinexpo Paris will have the opportunity to experience the cognacs for themselves, because Fanny Fougerat Cognac D’Auteur is present at the Be Spirits section of the show.

With her first bottling having taken place in November 2013, Fanny Fougerat works on 30 ha in Borderies, which is the smallest cru of the cognac appellation, and Fins Bois.

All of Fanny Fougerat’s production is in Ugni blanc grapes and she distills her cognacs at the family estate.

“Unblended and without artifice, each batch has its own character, its distinct micro-provenance in the vineyard and is distilled and matured individually,” said Fanny Fougerat.

The winemakers and distiller says that, from vineyard to distillation, and during ageing, she is looking for freshness, fineness and precision. Her cognacs are, she says, refined and pleasant, and are produced without additives.

This year she will launch a very old Fins Bois, which can be traced back to the 1970s.

Myrrhe du Rois, a single batch, unblended cognac, offers what is described as a skillful mixture of styles, with an exotic fruits and rancio fragrance. Fanny Fougerat describes it as an “outstanding cognac”.

Other cognacs produced by Fanny Fougerat include Petite Cigüe, described as a “generous cognac” that is “fruity, luscious and tangy”.

A limited edition cognac, Le Laurier D’Apollon, is “young, masculine and ambitious” and offers “a virile aromatic palette”.

Iris Poivré is “pure, distinct and floral” and is “delicate in essence and subtle by nature”.

And there are many more cognacs from Fanny Fougerat to be discovered at Vinexpo.

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Photo: Fanny Fougerat