Mixology fuels thirst for exotic gin flavours

Unique flavoured gins with ingredients ranging from Himalayan pepper to fennel and gorse flowers are on offer from distributor UCVF for the  rst time this year.

The Drunken Horse Gin from Belgium is made with Timut pepper from the slopes of the Himalayas that combines citrus flavours with a peppery note.
Moletto Gin from Italy is made from fresh tomatoes blended on the estate with Alpine juniper berries and a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs.
And Tarquin’s Gin from Cornwall in the UK comes in four flavours including Cornish Pastis, which combines fennel extract with gorse flowers and fresh orange zest.

UCVF spirits buyer Sebastien Deyssonnneaux, said the company had sought out gins with exotic new flavours for its drive to break into France’s Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe (HoReCa) market in 2020.

“We think these new types of gin will be very popular in this HoReCa market,” he said. “There is a real trend for mixology and the bar tenders are willing to get premium products with specific tastes so that they can create their own recipes and attract customers with innovative tastes and  avours.

“People are travelling a lot and when they come back to France they wan’t to have the same experience that they had on holiday. With these [bottles] they can also make their own cocktails very easily”.

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Photo: The Drunken Horse gin from Belgium