South America well represented at Vinexpo

Domaines François Lurton has more than two decades of South American history.

While French wine producers will, of course, be the most heavily represented at Vinexpo Paris, there will be plenty of producers with vineyards in other parts of the world – including South America.

Among them is Domaines François Lurton, which can trace its history back to a company formed in 1988 by the brothers François and Jacques Lurton, two of the seven children of the well-known Bordeaux wine producer André Lurton.

It is nearly three decades since the pair started consulting work in Argentina, and they went on to set up a vineyard there in 1996. The Piedra Negra estate is located in the Uco Valley, widely considered to be one of the best wine-growing regions of the province of Mendoza.

François has run the operation on his own for the past 13 years, and under his guidance, the Argentine estate continues to thrive and is especially known for its Pinot Gris output. The name Chacayes, a premium wine from the estate, is now renowned.

François Lurton has also been producing wine in Chile for two decades, taking advantage of a stable climate and lack of disease. The estate, named Hacienda Araucano, was created on virgin terroir a two-hour drive from the Chilean capital, Santiago.

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Photo: Francois Lurton