Inspiration in a bottle

Drawing idyllic scenes from his youth inspired winemaker Emmanuel Lesgourgues to create a brand new cuvee that is being launched at Vinexpo Paris. Lesgourgues drew a pass in the Pyrenees called Marie-Blanque where he and his uncle had a memorable picnic that included a bottle of his favourite Madiran wine.

The image spurred him on to recreate a modern version of Madiran. The wine is made from the best Tannat grapes of Famille Lesgourgues’ single estate vineyard in Madiran, south west France. After its launch, Marie-Blanque will appear at selected tastings across France, before debuting in export markets including the United States, Canada, the UK and some Asian countries.

> PAV 7.1 – STAND FH42

Photo: The new cuvée from Famille Lesgourgues