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WOW! Organic wines are really stepping out

With the “World of Organic Wines” (WOW!) very well represented at the first Vinexpo Paris, it must be said that the market for these products is evolving rapidly as they come into the mainstream.

Indeed, the past couple of years has seen a major change in paradigm, as organic and biodynamic wines have been winning awards and topping lists around the globe. Just because they are produced differently doesn’t mean they get judged under a classification of their own. Today, among all wines, they are performing particularly well. An advantage of organic and biodynamic wines is that it is widely believed that they allow consumers to better taste the terroir on which the grapes are grown, giving even more expression to the wine.

WOW! World of Organic Wines is an area at Vinexpo entirely dedicated to the international organic and biodynamic wine market. This year, in Paris, around 110 producers are taking part. The focus is on French wines, with the presence of the major French wine-growing areas (Beaujolais, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, etc.) alongside other world regions (South Africa, Lebanon, Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain). It is part of Vinexpo’s commitment to opening the show to smaller wine-makers, enabling the exhibitors to get involved in a major international event.

Richard Barnes
Vinexpo Daily