Champagne Drappier launches its organic Champagne : Clarevallis 


With 15 hectares owned and farmed organically, the Drappier family produces Champagne Clarevallis, a modern interpretation of its cistercian heritage. It will be available for tasting for the first time at Vinexpo Paris.

Champagne Clarevallis, which has Ecocert certification, is made from grapes grown on Jurassic limestone land that is farmed organically and tilled, in part, by horse. The new extra-brut Champagne is produced from 75 percent Pinot noir grapes, 10 percent Pinot meunier grapes, 10 percent Chardonnay grapes and 5 percent Blanc vrai or Pinot blanc grapes. It is unfiltered and has a very low sulphur content of 20mg/l. This new Champagne is characterised by a golden-grey colour, and it has hints of elderberry and violet in its taste.

The name Clarevallis has many centuries of history behind it, since it is the name given by Saint-Bernard to the abbey he founded in 1115. This name ultimately evolved into Clairvaux.

Champagne Drappier’s wines have been vinified and aged in cellars built in 1152 by monks from the Clairvaux abbey.

It is appropriate, then, that Champagne Drappier describes Champagne Clarevallis as “the expression and reflection of both the landscape and the land that men and women have been tending here since the 12th century”.

Today, the cellars are owned by the Drappier family, who established Champagne Drappier in 1808.

The attention to detail shown in developing Champagne Clarevallis goes right down to the branding, which reflects Champagne Drappier’s rich history. The label was designed and drawn by Charline Drappier and inspired by the Clairvaux Bible written in the 12th century.

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Photo: Champagne Drappier’s new organic Champagne Clarevallis