An Armagnac tradition that has thrived through four generations


Armagnac Delord, based in the attractive village of Lannepax in southwest France, uses traditional grape varieties and methods of distillation

Through four generations, and well over a century of fascinating history, the Delord family have been producing Armagnac under their own name.

The family’s 45-acre vineyard, located in the pretty village of Lannepax in Bas-Armagnac in the southwest of France, is dedicated exclusively to the production of Armagnac. The four grape varieties traditionally associated with Armagnac are grown here: Ugni-blanc, Colombard, Baco and Folle-blanche.

3At the family’s distillery in Lannepax, Armagnac Delord is one of the few Armagnac houses to use two methods of distillation. These methods are continuous distillation, which uses alembics with “spider plates”, a method that is ideal for the production of old Armagnacs, and double distillation to produce fruity eaux-de-vie for young Armagnacs.

The cellars have more than 1,000 barrels and a dozen French oak tanks. It is long ageing in oak that gives the family’s Armagnacs their colour and complexity. The oldest vintages are kept in bonbonnes, a special type of glass jar, which are protected from the light in a room called “Paradise”.

The story of Armagnac Delord can be traced back to Prosper Delord, a travelling distiller who settled down and founded Armagnac Delord in 1893.

The family feels great pride over the special qualities of its Armagnacs, which are presented for sale in beautiful iconic bottles. The older Armagnacs express their subtlety, finesse, richness and character either alone or with a desert. The younger ones, meanwhile, can be enjoyed as an aperitif, on ice or in cocktails.

Visitors to the Armagnac Delord stand at Vinexpo Paris have the chance to taste some of the company’s products, including a 1990 vintage that has an aroma of stewed fruit with a hint of vanilla. On the palate, wood, vanilla and lime are said to be present.

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Photo: Delord, a traditional Armagnac