Building relationships with customers in a changing wine world

Many wine producers are keen to expand their direct-to-consumer sales, offering as they do the obvious advantage of cutting out middlemen.

Strategies for DTC sales are coming under the spotlight at a Vinexpo conference featuring a clutch of senior figures with expert knowledge.

Among those speaking is Alban de Belloy, Digital Manager for AdVini, a French leader in terroir wines.

AdVini is building relationships with customers directly by encouraging people to visit to its wineries and then by keeping in touch with these visitors.

“The challenge is first to attract customers to your winery. That’s why we’re trying to develop an experience for customers – we develop restaurants, hotels, and hold tastings,” said de Belloy.

The company looks to obtain the contact details of customers, so it can keep in touch. Telephone calls or postal correspondence – newsletters and catalogues – is often more effective than emails, which often go ignored.

“We have to be smart to collect the data and to store it in our database,” added de Belloy.

The conference will feature a presentation by Jean Philippe Perrouty, general director France for Wine Intelligence, plus a panel discussion.

Today, 12 midday – 1.30 pm
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Photo: Alban de Belloy, Digital Manager, AdVini