Wine trade facing a perfect storm – conference

This new Vinexpo event  will detail the multiple factors causing upheaval in the sector.

Pressures affecting the wine trade will come under the spotlight today at the “Global Trends in the Wine and Spirits Market” conference.

Presented by Richard Halstead, Chief Operating Officer of Wine Intelligence, and Thorsten Hartmann, Custom Analytics Director for the IWSR, the event will highlight the way that wine’s position as the beverage of choice for 30 to 64-year-olds can no longer be taken for granted.

“We’ve described it as a perfect storm in the sense of there being a number of environmental factors not necessarily related to each other,” said Halstead.

Halstead and Hartmann will be presenting statistics from their research to back up their assertions.

A key trend, said Halstead, is that consumers appear to care more about wine as a part of their lives, according to surveys, but their level of actual knowledge of wine appears to have fallen.

The conference will also detail how the appearance of bottles and labels is becoming more important in consumer choices. The visual aspect is increasingly, said Halstead, becoming “a way of consumers feeling good about what they’re drinking”.

“Where we see most change is with younger consumers,” said Halstead.

Older consumers, by contrast, are less swayed by how a wine looks, perhaps because they have more experience of wines they are familiar with to draw upon.

Today 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Location : PAV 7.2 – ROOM 4

Photo: Richard Halstead, Chief Operating Officer, Wine Intelligence