Enjoying the connections that the world of wine creates

For Palate Club’s Aubrey Terrazas, meeting people is the best part of the job. We asked her to tell us a little about Palate Club and her day-to-day role.

I’m the creative director and wine buyer. In addition to finding wines for our portfolio, I manage content and the brand’s voice. Finally, I work directly with our lead data scientist to build our algorithm, which matches wine to customers’ palates. We work together to translate wine traits, which can be very subjective, to measurable data. We’ve identified over 200 traits found in wine, but we are continuously improving the algorithm based on our learnings.

Are there any trends in terms of the wines that members of Palate Club are drinking?
Surprisingly, our most popular wines tend to be ripe Old World wines, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape. We expected our customers to lean towards American or New World wines. What’s more, many of the high-acid, light body wines that we love as sommeliers score very low with customers. Overall, reds tend to be rated more highly than whites.

What do you enjoy about working in the wine industry?
I love how it connects people. Wine is meant to be shared among people, to create conversation. It brings out memories of travel and meals, creating nostalgia and immediate relatability to someone with whom you’re sharing a glass. Meeting people is my favorite part of my job.

What are you looking to achieve at Vinexpo Paris?
I’m looking for a diverse selection of wines for future imports and to meet people making an impact in our field. At Palate Club, we need to represent a wide example of styles to accommodate many palates.

What are your secrets for getting the best out of a busy Vinexpo?
Planning. I make notes of which areas I’d like to explore and have meetings. I treat it a bit like a trip to Disney World; I plan to stay within one or two “worlds” each day and plan to visit high-traffic areas at the start of my day. I like to finish with bubbles – that’s my equivalent to fireworks.

Photo: Aubrey Terrazas, Wine Buyer, Palate Club