Test your taste buds at the Vinexpo Challenge

The world’s best sommelier will host a fun event where show attendees attempt to identify wines.

Attendees at Vinexpo Paris will get the chance to showcase their skills at identifying wines during a fun blind-tasting event – and none other than the man named as the world’s best sommelier will play host.

Marc Almert, named in 2019 as Best Sommelier of the World by the International Sommelier Association (ASI), will host the Vinexpo Challenge, in which wine and spirits professionals try to identify the grape variety, country of origin and vintage of the wines they taste.

People at the show are being encouraged to put themselves forward for this simple, fun and rewarding event, which is part of the Vinexpo Academy.

The person who achieves the highest score by correctly identifying the most wines served will be presented by Marc Almert, who is Chief Sommelier for Baur Au Lac and Baur Au Lac Vins, with a prize on behalf of Vinexpo’s Champagne Partner, Jeeper Luxe.

Demonstrating its popularity, the Vinexpo Challenge has been held at every Vinexpo exhibition since 2015 in conjunction with the ASI.

Wednesday 12 February, 10am – 11.30am
> PAV 7.2 – ROOM 4

Photo: Mark Almert, ASI 2019 Best Sommelier of the World at Vinexpo Academy 2019