The view from Italy

Gianni Fabrizio is editor of Italy’s leading wine and food magazine, Gambero Rosso. We asked him to tell us a little more about Gambero Rosso.

Gambero Rosso is the leading wine guide and magazine in Italy. It is very well known and highly respected wine guide. We taste over 45,000 wines every year and the best Italian vines, around 400 wines, receive our “3 glasses” award.

What are you primarily looking for at Vinexpo?
First of all, Vinexpo is a very important event in the wine industry, if not the most important. I will be promoting Italy’s best wines in Paris as France is an important market for Italian wines. If I have some extra time I will also be looking at Bordeaux and Burgundy as I know quite a few winemakers.

What are the key wine and spirits trends in Italy?
The trend shows a strong growth in organic wines, without sulfur and also the vins tranquilles, where you can finish a bottle in a meal. The best selling wines are light wines which are easy to drink.

Of course premium wines always sell very well, like Barolo and Brunello and they are well recognized in foreign markets like the US. In spirits, Vermouth is experiencing a true renaissance, with many winemakers making it. Gin is also very popular whilst Cognac and Armagnac are facing a downtrend.

Photo: Gianni Fabrizio, Editor, Gambero Rosso