Moët Hennessy to focus on sustainability at Vinexpo

The company aims to consider new methods of winemaking to protect the environment.

As the wine and spirits industry focuses increasingly on environmental issues, Moët Hennessy will be taking the opportunity to showcase its eco-credentials at Vinexpo.

In particular, the company wants to demonstrate its commitment to living soils and to a more sustainable future.

“We wanted to share our experience and our approach and organise expert forums on key topics surrounding sustainable winemaking during this new edition of Vinexpo, the event where the winemaking world comes together,” said Philippe Schaus, CEO of Moët Hennessy.

“We’re opening our doors to industry fellows and all those who wish to take part in creating an increasingly sustainable viticulture.”

Moët Hennessy has invited to its forums a community of experts: vineyard directors, researchers, sommeliers, spokespeople from international institutions, NGOs, and young companies specialising in technology and sustainability.

Each panel at the forums is comprised of experts from Moët Hennessy and specialists from around the globe.

We wanted to organise expert forums on key topics surrounding sustainable winemaking

They will take turns addressing the current state of soils and biodiversity and will share their solutions regarding current production models to accelerate the transition to more ecologically sensitive production methods.

The discussions will have an open format consisting of a series of 30-minute conversations followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer session with the public. The programme will include tastings and masterclasses around Moët Hennessy products.

During Vinexpo, Moët Hennessy will showcase its investments in equipment that is more environmentally sensitive and in training winegrowers and farmers in new technologies. It will also highlight its promotion of sustainable winegrowing certifications, and its support for scientific and university projects to share and disseminate knowledge.

The company will also announce its commitments for the future.

On the last day of Vinexpo there will be a conversation on the future of winegrowing with Schaus. This will be followed by workshops on the future of gastronomy and wines, with participants including the celebrated chef Alain Ducasse and students from a number of institutions, who will reflect on the future of sustainable gastronomy.

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Photo: Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin vineyard before the harvest