Vinexpo Daily 2019 – Review Edition

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Vinexpo’s New Vintage

In April 2019, Vinexpo’s strategic board appointed a new ‘Master Sommelier’ to plan its path into the future – CEO Rodolphe Lameyse.

As Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019 bids its delegates farewell for another year, Lameyse will have found much to his taste. There was, for example, an excellent symposium on climate change and a packed conference on e-commerce. At World of Organic Wines (WOW!), a growing body of innovative and entrepreneurial wine-makers proved that new methods of sustainable production can deliver quality wines.

With 1600 exhibitors (15% new to Vinexpo, Turkey and Vietnam here for the first time), there was also the satisfying aroma of business being transacted up and down the exhibition hall. As Lameyse noted, it was gratifying to observe so many people networking and negotiating on the stands – not just meandering down the aisles.

But like any experienced sommelier, Vinexpo’s new CEO is also keen to ensure that he has the right balance on his menu. For a start, he is keen to establish an international flavour to Vinexpo, hence a portfolio of events that covers the US, China and Europe (not forgetting, of course, the addition of Vinexpo Explorer – which will take buyers to Beaujolais later this year). But he doesn’t want to do this at the expense of tradition, which is why closer ties to Bordeaux, Vinexpo’s spiritual home, are also key to his developing strategy.

Most of all, he wants to ensure that there is something for everyone. A new partnership with Wine Paris is a way of accommodating producers across the entire price range from mid to premium. His drive to make Vinexpo a leading force in wine tourism reflects a desire to connect the wine trade to the consumer through experiences.

Put all of these elements together, the new and the ancient, and the wine industry can look forward to some refreshing Vinexpo vintages.

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Richard Barnes
Editor-in-chief, Vinexpo Daily