‘Everyday Bubble’ from Henkell Freixenet

Since the historic merger of the German and Spanish brands, there is a big push into the French sparkling wine market.

Under the Yvon Mau umbrella, Henkell Freixenet is a powerful new alliance in the world of sparkling wine. The duo responsible for the brand – joint General Managers Olivier Dupre and Joaquin Costa – spoke to Vinexpo Daily about their two main brands, Mionetto and Freixenet.

“Freixenet entered the French market 15 years ago, and it is now perceived as a young trendy product” said Costa. “We focus on the consumer and the ‘moment of consumption’, while sparkling wines traditionally mark a celebration, there is no need for a special occasion – it is more of an ‘everyday bubble’.”

Dupre added, “Meanwhile prosecco is booming in France, so we are really trying to grow sales of Mionetto here. It is already number one in the USA, number two in Germany.”

Speaking about the importance of Vinexpo Bordeaux, Dupre said, “The main purpose of being here is to meet the customers. My first Vinexpo was in 1989 and it is always good to be here to present our innovations to the market”.

Photo: Olivier Dupre (L) and Joaquin Costa.
Joint General Managers, Yvon Mau.