Vinexpo Daily 2019 – Day 4 Edition

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Rodolphe Lameyse’s Collaborative Vision

The wine and spirits sector, quite rightly, places huge store by its heritage. But like many other business verticals it is having to adapt to changing consumption patterns, disruption in the distribution chain and new approaches to marketing and production. So as platform and partner to the industry, it is inevitable that the Vinexpo brand must also change to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Several illustrations of Vinexpo’s evolution have been evident in recent months, notably the launch of dedicated Shanghai and Paris exhibitions to complement the existing portfolio. In the context of Vinexpo Bordeaux, the launch of a symposium on climate change and a conference on e-commerce were further examples of the thought leadership position the brand is now embracing.

Last night, Vinexpo’s recently-appointed CEO Rodolphe Lameyse added yet more detail to the Vinexpo transformation, namely a strategic alliance with Wine Paris and the relaunch of Vinexpo Bordeaux from 2021.

Both initiatives are very much about improving Vinexpo’s role as a business tool. The alliance with Wine Paris will make it possible for the two partners to service the rapidly expanding mid-to-premium wine market more effectively. Revamping Vinexpo Bordeaux, meanwhile, will enable the long-established exhibition to play a greater strategic role in matching up buyers and sellers.

Alongside these important changes, Rodolphe Lameyse has also expressed his desire for Vinexpo Bordeaux to forge a closer relationship with the wine region’s powerful stakeholders, on everything from entertainment experiences to oenotourisme. This seems to suggest two underlying messages. Firstly, that collaboration is key to addressing the industry’s challenges. Secondly, that transformation is most effective when it respects traditional brand values.

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Richard Barnes
Editor-in-chief, Vinexpo Daily