Follow your nose to the Vinexpo Challenge

With a prize of some excellent wines and the chance to be crowned a winner, visitors are encouraged to channel their inner sommelier and attend the Vinexpo Challenge, today, at 11am.

The event is sponsored by VINC by Cork Supply (the technically-advanced TCA-free cork) and offers an opportunity to test one’s blind tasting skills. Hosted by Marc Almert, ASI Best Sommelier in the World, competitors are invited to taste ten outstanding wines from producers exhibiting here at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019.

The challenge will be to taste the five whites and five reds, blind, and then try and identify the grape variety, the country and the vintage. The winner who correctly guesses the largest number of wines will receive the prize of two prestigious bottles from event partner, Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

A real chance to impress sommeliers and the wider wine industry, the challenge is open to everybody but there are limited places. Visitors are advised to get to Hall 1, Room 3 in good time for the 11am start. After that, for the next 90 minutes, the blind tasting of ten wines, the scrutiny of the best sommelier in the world, and intense competition from fellow attendees are the only hurdles to overcome before potentially walking away with some covetable wines and the pride of being crowned a winner.