Bringing La Co(o)rniche Back to Life

La Co(o)rniche is one of the famous landmarks at the seaside resort of Pyla-sur-Mer in Gironde. Here owner, William Téchoueyres, explains how he helped restore and revive this famous hotel.

What was the objective when you decided to rebuild La Co(or)rniche?

My objective, when I bought the property in 2009, that includes the hotel and the restaurant, was to give a second life to this great institution that has been part of the life and community of Pyla-sur-Mer, this great seaside resort since the 1930’s. My idea for the hotel was simple. I wanted to create a very beautiful place that could be loved by everyone, a place that local people could come and enjoy, as well as our guests and visitors.

La Co(o)rniche has now become a landmark for the Bordeaux region, how have you achieved that?

Well, first it has to be said that’s partly down to its exceptional location, situated by the sea and between the sand and the maritime pine forest of the Landes of Gascony. I also owe any success that I might have to the unbelievable work and vision of Philippe Starck.

Tell us more about your work with the French designer, Philippe Starck. Why did you decide to work with him?

It was really all down to chance. Philippe used to live in this area for 35 years and had fallen in love both with the region and the property. So when we had the opportunity to meet it was actually quite natural when we decided to work together and try and revive this famous property. Fortunately!

You are in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, how do you work with the vineyards in the area?

We enjoy an excellent collaboration with so many of our local properties and vineyards. It is very important to us and what we want to do at the hotel and restaurant. I think what we can both offer complements each other very well when tourists are looking for places to visit in the area.

You became a 5 star hotel a few years ago, how did you achieve that?

We wanted to be a property with five stars as it was important to create the right image and level of quality and hospitality for our customers. It has also been a key factor in helping to attract tourism to the region as well. There was a real need to have a five star hotel in this area. It’s why we are also very proud to have been awarded a Michelin star for the Stéphane Carrade restaurant in the Ha(a)ïtza hotel only six months after the opening.

William Téchoueyres, Owner La Co(o)rniche, Pyla-sur-Mer