Vinet-Delpech brands catch fire

Estate unveils new marketing division Les Brûleries Modernes

Almost 250 years after its origin, the family-owned Distillerie Vinet-Delpech is launching Les Brûleries Modernes, a new division in charge of its brands.

The new structure will create, launch, develop and support the group’s brands around the world. The existing portfolio consists of Delpech-Fougerat Cognacs, Pineaux des Charentes, Hector Legrand brandy, Excellency Club and Glen Mc Clay Scotch whiskies. To coincide with the introduction of Les Brûleries Modernes at Vinexpo Bordeaux, the firm will also reveal its new Hold Up gin.

100 hectare Distillerie Vinet-Delpech is located in the heart of the Cognac region and currently managed by Bruno Delannoy. The new Les Brûleries Modernes division, headed by his son Jean-Baptiste, benefits from having exceptional technical know-how, a broad commercial network, deep relationships in the world of wines and spirits, together with strong and diversified supplies. The word modernes in the new division’s titles is self-expanatory – but what about the word “Brûlerie”? According to Vinet-Delpech, the word, which means “the act of burning” dates back to the fifteenth century and originally refers to the place where “eau de vie” was distilled (burned). In other words, the phrase Les Brûleries Modernes symbolises a blend of the traditional and contemporary.

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