Singapore’s premium buyer

Pakkirisamy Ganesan dreams of a trip to Beaujolais with Vinexpo Explorer

Pakkirisamy Ganesan, a Singapore-based wine buyer, tells us about his business priorities and explains why the introduction of Vinexpo Explorer is valuable.

Please tell us about your day to day work/role

I look for, and taste, wines that would be of interest to buyers in Singapore. My clients are generally well-heeled, so I am focused on sourcing high-end wines.

What are the most important sales trends in your territory?

Singapore is saturated because of the relaxed licensing laws; so I need to think out of the box to nd appealing items for my premium buyers. I put a lot of effort into personalising the service and paying attention to the client’s needs. If possible I try to take them to the vineyards for a rst- hand experience.

You have had your own first hand experiences thanks to Vinexpo Explorer?

Yes, I’m very grateful to Vinexpo for taking me to Austria and Sonoma County in California, and am looking forward to going to Beaujolais for the third explorer event. I remember the Beaujolais celebrations in Singapore from years ago and would like to revive them, so it is a dream for me to go there.

I like Vinexpo Explorer because you get a three-day crash course which introduces you to the sellers and teaches you about their wine, terroir, food… all aspects of their culture. It’s also a very ef cient use of time. For example, at Sonoma County we met around 60 wineries – which is a lot.


What are you primarily looking for at Vinexpo Bordeaux?

80% of what I buy comes from France, so that is a major focus. And I also buy from Italy and Spain. France is also setting a good example with organic wines.

What are your thoughts on Vinexpo and secrets for getting the best of it?

I’ve never missed a Vinexpo in my life. It’s very important for me in getting new contacts and understanding the wines better. I am able to make good use of my time because I have established relationships with sellers over the years.

Pakkirisamy Genevan, General Manager, Francheteau