Saint-Emilion’s organic wine pioneers

Château Forge Celeste combines purity with the tradition of its terroir

For two centuries, the Verhaeghe family has been dedicated to the work of the vine. At the heart of Saint-Emilion, on the terrasses of Figeac, Karine and Matthieu Verhaeghe, the owners of the Château Forge Celeste perpetuate the traditional techniques of wine production and vinification on their lands.

These days, the Verhaeghe family have positioned Château Forge Celeste as a pioneer of organic viticulture within Saint-Emilion. At Vinexpo Bordeaux, they are inviting buyers to discover their signature, a harmonious association of the typicality of the area and the purity of natural, without sulphite, organic wines.

Being the first and only domaine of Saint-Emilion to obtain the demanding Organic Wine label has come through time, patience and dedication to work. Within the Château Forge Celeste, working in the vineyard is above all a matter of respect for the balance between natural cycles, elements and the amazing terroir of Saint-Emilion, to offer the best experience while tasting the wines.

At the Château, being organic is second nature: a reflex, a routine and an everyday commitment. And the owners continue to do their utmost to associate respectful techniques for the earth and the people who will taste the wines. Phytotherapy, total cover planting, organic vegetable compost and lunar calendar are used all to create wines that are good both to nature and to people. The patrimony and the know-how, together with passionate dedicated people, combine to support a philosophy that values everyday biodiversity protection.

Originating from the unique climate of the terroir, temperate warm; from vines that are 40 years old; from varieties that are 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet; and from the love of great work within the vines, rejecting the use of chemicals, Château Forge Celeste’s family is keen to showcase the grands vins of Saint-Emilion, pure, organic and vegan – without sulphites.

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