Perceval reaches new heights in the Savoy

The Perceval family is giving buyers the chance to discover and taste wines from the mountainous region of Savoy in the French Alps.

Here the combination of intense sunshine, high altitudes of between 300m and 600m, and glacial soils help the Perceval family make unique styles of wine, from across 50 ha of vines aged between 30 and 80 years, using local traditional methods that have been handed down through four generations of winemaking. One of its signature wines is an ice wine, Vin de France des Glaces, that is able to make use of grapes that might see over 100 days of frost a year. These grapes are harvested late, hand picked and then transported by helicopter to Chamonix Mont-Blanc at 3,613m where they are frozen, before being brought back to estate.

Another highlight is its Lake Wine Box, Pack Vin des Profondeurs AOP, that allows you to taste and compare two bottles from the same harvest in the same box. The first wine is aged in the cellar for one year, the second is aged at the bottom of a lake, in such intense conditions that it is the equivalent to five years of maturation. It will also be showing its Château range of six different styles of wine from the 15 ha Château de la Gentilhommière property it acquired in 2015.

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