Bottega launches breakthrough organic ginger liqueur

Bottega’s organic ginger liqueur launch

Bottega, the Italian winery and distillery, will be showcasing a number of new products at Vinexpo including an organic ginger liqueur that it hopes will appeal to consumers looking for super food-style products, as well new additions to its gin and wine ranges.

Its breakthrough product launch is Bottega Ginger, an organic liqueur, that it claims is packed with “nutrient-rich ingredients” for a healthy lifestyle. The key here is how it is made. It uses organic ginger, sourced from Vietnam and China, which is left to macerate in organic alcohol, water and organic sugar from India, at a controlled temperature of 5°C for 12 hours. Bottega claims this ‘crio-maceration’ process is similar to the one used to make intense and elegant wines.

The pale yellow liqueur is then decanted and filtered, to leave a refreshing drink with citrus and oral notes and an intense aroma of ginger and sweetness on the palate. It is meant to be served at the end of a meal, either on its own or served with a dessert.

It is also introducing new versions of its Bottega Gin Bacûr brand, that uses Italian botanicals and pure water from the Alps. As well as a new 5cl Miniature bottle it is introducing a 10cl Spray version, with its own vaporizer that could be used by bartenders or chefs, to add an extra flavour dimension to their respective drinks and dishes. The two new versions will sit alongside Bottega’s existing 50cl, 70cl, and 100cl bottles.

Bottega Limoncino Bio is the organic version of Bottega’s most popular liqueur, and is produced using only selected and certified organic lemon peels.

Finally Bottega Florenzia is a new elegant Tuscan blended red wine made from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes to give it an intense bouquet of red and black berries, and notes of spices and violet, and soft tannins on the palate.

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