An entracte break

Domaine Tariquet introduces a new sparkling wine

Domaine Tariquet has always been creative. This mindset is driven by a constant willingness to improve quality, environmental protection and discovery.

At the estate, creativity is synonym to continuity, to ensure that it is passed down to future generations and to launch a new blend, which will thrive in the long run.

Thus the Grassa family created the Classic: pioneer within the dry white wines of Gascony; Premières Grives: pioneer in sweet white wines of Gascony; Côté: a unique blend; Amplitude: an innovative wine.

The Grassa family was also the first winemaker to plant Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin, Sémillon and Marselan in Gascony.

After several years of rigorous trials, Domaine Tariquet is now proud to present their rst sparkling wine. Extensive testing has allowed to refine the estate’s knowledge, which finally led to the Grassa family’s original idea: fine, refreshing, light and fruity bubbles.

Entracte, a dry white sparkling wine, is a blend of Chenin and Chardonnay. The fine bubbles are naturally issued from a second fermentation in closed tanks (based on the Charmat theory) without the addition of CO2. The wine is then raised on its lees for 6 months. Entracteis“brutnature”,“zero dosage”, without expedition liqueur (no additional sugar, it is completely dry).
Similar to the Classic, the alcohol level is only at 10,5%, which makes it quite a light wine. Entracte 2018, known as the very first vintage, is full of freshness and wriggles your taste buds.

Entracte is sealed with a crown cap, preserving the fruitiness and refreshing aromas. The use of this type of cap makes the opening of a sparkling wine accessible to most people.

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