Vinexpo Daily 2019 – Day 1 Edition

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Vinexpo Bordeaux: Strength in diversity

On the eve of the 20th edition of Vinexpo Bordeaux, the Vinexpo senior leadership team summed up the enduring appeal of the event by hailing its “unique DNA. The exhibition offers the most diverse range of wines and spirits to buyers from around the world – in one of the most beautiful wine-growing regions, Bordeaux”.

This eclecticism is evident in the vast arrays of companies that are showcasing their wares at the 2019 event. Altogether around 1,600 exhibitors from 29 countries will present everything from French Champagne and Irish Whiskey to Japanese Sake and Russian Vodka. Alongside returning exhibitors from Argentina (Clos de los Siete and Catena Zapata), South Africa (Robinson & Sinclair), Spain (Felix Solis Avantis and Marqués de Cáceres) and Italy (Piccini and Emilia Romagna) come first time exhibitors from Turkey and Vietnam.

The variety of the Vinexpo offer doesn’t end there, with 150 companies taking part in the popular WOW! Event (World of Organic Wines). And if all this isn’t enough to keep visitors busy, there are daily masterclasses on Port, Sweet Wines, Spirits, Shochu and much more.

Hosting such a wide range of products in one location doesn’t just make Vinexpo Bordeaux an immersive and uplifting experience. It also makes it a highly efficient and effective business tool, where delegates can do deals, network with existing and potential partners and get ahead of the curve on new trends. Supported by a portfolio of events in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris, there’s no question that diversity offers a key competitive edge for the Vinexpo brand.

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Richard Barnes
Editor-in-chief, Vinexpo Daily