Palmer & Co introduces its soléra-based Rosé Reserve


Champagne Palmer & Co’s reputation for producing some of the most distinctive Champagnes in the region is there for all to see in its Rosé Reserve blend. A Champagne that claims to have “exceptional fruitiness” is based largely on the quality of the house’s red wines. What makes the Rosé Reserve stand out, and is a signature of Palmer & Co, is at the heart of the blend is a soléra of Pinot Noir that has been aged for over 35 years.

Palmer & Co is one of the few Champagne houses to have adapted this well-known technique, often used for Spanish wines, in how it makes its Champagnes. Each year Palmer & Co adds wines from the new harvest to compensate for wine that has been drawn off.

“Our Pinot Noir Solera lends those delicately spicy notes to our rosé Champagne, making it irresistible. The blend is eternally self- perpetuating, with the older wine educating the new and the new nourishing the old. The principle is simple but requires great rigour during vinification,” says cellar master, Xavier Berdin.

The Rosé Reserve has an intense nose, dominated by wild strawberries, with notes of red and blackcurrants and a spicy, vanilla and cinnamon base.

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