Champagne market data

Global sales of Champagne hit new record high value in 2018 according to the region’s trade body Comité Champagne.

€2.9 bn.
Total Champagne exports rose by 1.8% in 2018 to a value to €2.9 bn. with volume exports up 0.6% on 2017, to 154.8 m bottles.

€4.9 bn.
The overall Champagne market is now €4.9 bn. with 51% of sales overseas and 49% in France.

Nearly three quarters of production (73%) comes from the region’s Champagne houses with 27% from its strong co-operative system and winegrowers. Champagne houses account for 87% of exports, compared to 13% for the co-operatives and winegrowers.

Within France the balance is much closer with the co-operatives and winegrowers accounting for 43% of the market and the Champagne houses 57%.

26.8 m bottles
The biggest export market remains the UK, with 26.8 m bottles, but volumes were down 4% on 2017. The US is the second biggest market and saw a 2.7% increase on 2017 to 23.7 m bottles. The US remains the most valuable export market, worth €577.1 m, although down 1.5% with the UK at €406.2 m down 2.2%.

1.39 m bottles
Key to the success of Champagne is the level of reserves the region’s houses are able to hold on to. Stock levels in July 2018 were 1.39 m bottles.