Champagne on Ice… Yes, We Can!

In the hot climes of South East Asia, many people over the years had become used to putting ice in Champagne to keep it chilled. While some saw this as sacrilege, Champagne Pommery decided, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” and designed a Champagne specially for drinking on the rocks. Originally launched in Asia at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016, distribution is growing constantly, and the cool coloured product display is particularly eye-catching.

A company spokesperson told us, “This Champagne is ideal for climates like this, for consumption outdoors on a terrace, for relaxed, glamourous and fun moments, but it is, above all, a Champagne elaborated specifically for this. It corresponds to a trend in consumption, and thus could be seen as quite avant-garde”. Pommery already innovated with its nomadic “Pop” Champagne, and this new edition appears to be hitting another sweet spot.