A.E. Dor Launches Four Seasons of Cognac on Asian Markets

The “Seasons” case from the cognac house AE Dor consists of four different cognacs that try to capture the taste of the four seasons.

It comprises the following:
Printemps (Spring): A young, vibrant cognac that’s uniquely floral, with notes of lilac and almonds. The finish brings with it delicious notes of violets.
Eté (Summer): A young, expressive Cognac that shines with an unexpected depth of quality. Fruity, fresh, and floral with aromas of apricot, peach, plum, and orange.
Automne (Autumn): A Cognac that’s been aged for 4-5 years, proving delightfully warm, with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, and caramel.
Hiver (Winter): Golden in colour, aged for 4-5 years, it’s well named, offering the taster spicy aromas of coffee, grilled hazelnuts, and pepper.

The four seasons reflect the passion of this celebrated producer for the extraordinary. Each bottle is 20cl in size.