Washington State Wines Gain Attention @ Vinexpo 2018


Washington State in the USA distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack with several key selling points for its wines.

A legion of small family producers: A vast majority of wineries in Washington are small family producers making less than 5,000 cases annually. In fact, of the state’s 900+ wineries, only about 20 make more than 40,000 cases annually. The small, artisan nature of the industry contributes to producing wines of exceptional quality.

Vines are own-rooted: Phylloxera has caused devastating problems in numerous wine growing regions of the world. This has led many growers to plant their vinifera grapes on phylloxera resistant, hybrid rootstock. Washington’s combination of bitterly cold winters and well-drained soils has prevented phylloxera from causing any significant problems to date. As a result, unlike many other winegrowing regions of the world, most of Washington’s vineyards are “own rooted,” meaning that the grape vines are grown on their own rootstock.

A number of other factors, such as separation of production facilities from growing areas, and high natural acidity in soils, makes this state’s wines quite unique.

To learn the full story about what else makes this booming wine region full of family wineries unique, be sure to visit their stand and attend a seminar.

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