Vinexpo Daily 2018 – Day 3 Edition

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Blind tasting judges how well one is able to assess a wine in all its complexity. Soaking up the characteristics of a terroir, recognising a grape variety, detecting a vintage. These and other challenges will be part of the Vinexpo Challenge, this morning here at Vinexpo Hong Kong.

For the average wine consumer, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between ordinary and pricey brands in a blind tasting. Of course, experts and sommeliers often have extraordinary or uncanny capabilities when it comes to recognising varieties, terroirs and even vintages, but just how can one truly learn to appreciate all the finesse of great wines? That’s where Vinexpo steps in.

Today, at 11am, in Room N101B – level 1, under the guidance of Paolo Basso, 2013 Best Sommelier in the World, and Guillaume Deglise, CEO of Vinexpo, participants in a masterclass will be guided in attempts to identify ten exceptional wines from producers exhibiting at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018.

Attempting to recognise the different grape varieties, the characteristics of the terroirs and the impact of different vintages will put them through their paces, test their knowledge and, who knows, maybe even get them in training to be the next World’s Best Sommelier. Are you up to the challenge?

richard-barnes_teamRichard Barnes
Editor-in-chief, Vinexpo Daily